Welcome to Niche Marketing Authority

Niche Marketing Authority was created to document my experience in online marketing.  Here you will be able to learn everything I know for free, because I don't want you to struggle with some of the things I have.  My examples are by no means perfect, but they are what works for me, so maybe you will have some success with them too!

My Main Focuses

Niche Affiliate Sites – I have been building niche websites for myself and clients for a few years.  This includes niche research, keyword research, content management, outsourcing, on-page optimizations, basic promotion, link building and outreach, and page CRO (conversion rate optimization).  These are most of the essential steps in running a niche site, but each of them on their own is a specific skill, along with many others developed over time.

PPC and CPA Offers – I have promoting CPA offers through MaxBounty, Clickbank and other CPA networks.  This is done through funnel creation, advertising copy such as banner ads and text ads, and media buys along with SEM (search engine marketing or PPC with Google Adwords and Bing Ads Network).

Why Follow Niche Marketing Authority?

  • I will only post items on the site that have worked out successfully for me.  The only times I will post something that doesn't work, it will be clearly marked as THIS DOESN'T WORK.
  • I will be affirmative in all of my statements, so if you recognize something to be untrue or ambiguous, please let me know and we can review it.
  • You don't have to listen to what I say, take in the information and make your own assessments and move forward.  An online business is an evolving business, there is no “blueprint” just things that can be tools or help you grow your online business.
  • I want to see you succeed!  If you ever have any questions, please contact me.